Category: Nakto 500w fat tire super cruise 26 ebike fuses full

Nakto 500w fat tire super cruise 26 ebike fuses full

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We then create one easy-to-understand score. Learn more. We looked at the top Electric Bikes and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Electric Bike you should buy.

For the full ranking, see below. Nakto sell direct to the consumers in order to give you the best price that everyone can afford. Let's walk out to the nature, take your nakto E-bikes and have fun! If you want to cover a great distance in a short amount of time, few things will do the job like an electric bicycle.

It couples the maneuverability of a bike with the speed of a motorized vehicle. Some electric cycles are made for riding on beaches and across hilly terrain, while many others are designed for navigating around the busy sidewalks of a big city.

Not all electric bikes are fully electric, though.

NAKTO Electric Bike

You may find, for instance, that some feature pedal assist, which offers varying levels of help, depending on what you need. Others are fully automated, leaving riders to only worry about steering and braking when necessary. Weather is another factor to consider while shopping for an electric bike. Even if you only need a bicycle for journeying around town or back and forth to class on campus, snow can be an issue.

The bike that worked fine on dry streets could face challenges when blazing through piles of snow or traveling over bike paths. Of course, you could find another method of transportation on those days, which will also keep you out of the elements.

Some other bikes are small and lightweight enough to make them easy to carry up staircases. One feature some newer electric bikes include is a USB charging part. Unlike regular bikes, your electric bike will run on a battery that needs to be charged between uses. Pay close attention to how long the battery will last between charges, as well as how long it will take to fully charge. The comfort of the seat of the bike will matter, especially if you use it for long trips.

Some bikes also come with headlamps, which will keep you safe on those after-hour trips. Mansour says an electric bike also could be a great option if you are eager to sell your car and want an energy-efficient mode of transportation or if you like walking but need a faster mode of getting to your destination.So, why should you pick it over the best electric bikes in its category?

In this article, get to know its important features, advantages, and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision. It has a watt Bafang brushless motor and the Shimano 6-speed gears. These allow it to climb hills and reach speeds of 24 to 28 mph a little easier. The seatpost-mounting lithium battery has a charge of 12 Amp-hour at 48 volts. The charging time of the battery is between 4 and 6 hours.

It has a key, so you can charge or take it anywhere you want. Get across an intersection fast or corner with confidence by activating the pure electric mode. Start by lightly pedaling before pressing the push-button throttle. Engage the pedal-assist mode to augment your strength as necessary. It also has an autocruise mode to help you maintain a steady speed. The front suspension fork is attached to 26 inches by 4 inches CST BFT fat tires, which absorb shocks and road vibrations well, making the electric bike more stable and comfortable.

The inch frame is made from high-strength carbon steel, which is awesome when you spend more time on bumpy, uneven terrain. To keep you safe at night, press the red button to light your path or the green button to warn others of your presence. Think of the hilly streets of San Francisco. The battery also has a good mileage, around miles on average. Can you think of the places you could go with that kind of range? The front suspension makes riding at curbs more comfortable and allows better steering control.

And, having the cruise control mode helps you beat exhaustion and increase your comfort by allowing safe position changes during long rides. The widescreen LCD display is placed in the middle of the handlebar, so you can easily see it without taking your eyes off the road for too long. It tells you everything you need to know, such as the battery life, speed, distance, and operation mode. Some customers—two, to be exact—complained that the lithium battery runs out of power quite fast.

NAKTO claims it has a range of more than 25 miles and a maximum speed of around 28 mph. So, if your commute usually involves riding a bus or train, or if you have a limited storage space, this is clearly not for you. Folding electric bikes are better options. Most love its sturdy built, comfortable fat tires, large and informative LCD display, and strong motor and battery. Get it here now. Skip to content. August 22, admin. Table of Contents 1 Features and Specifications 1. Check price in Amazon.The coolest fat tire cruiser electric bike on the market, the Nakto Cruiser 26'' fat tire is powerful and the perfect long range all terrain journey bike.

Hunting on my ranch, this works great to take my gear out there, tires are resistant to gravel and what I'd say is "rougher" surface.

NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Review

Would recommend to all users. Close menu. Your Price:. Warranty and Return Policy 1-Year Warranty against all manufacturing defects.

George D. Bill has been bike riding for 30 years. He had a heart attack and has more problems with irregular heart rates. So biking was out of the question, until we found you guys. He loves the freedom on his bike and when he needs the boost seems like all the time he has it. I have never seen him this happy about anything. Love my new bike great for people with knee problems this was a great gift.

Fat Tire works great, hunting also good Hunting on my ranch, this works great to take my gear out there, tires are resistant to gravel and what I'd say is "rougher" surface.

Customer Reviews. Added to cart!Coupled with classic black color option. Only takes hours to completely charge, while one charge can run miles at variable speeds. The battery is a removable 48V12A Lithium Battery. Distance obtainable when using SPAS. By Achieving this we have the quickest shipping times in the industry. Our goal is to keep the ordering process as simple as possible. Shipping times vary from business days if in stock and delivery time varies between business days if your product is in stock.

Select Electric Skateboards can have extended lead times if they are located overseas and not in stock in the US.

Nakto Super Cruiser Review - $1.3k Fat Tire Ebike

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Meepo Return Policy.Viewing This Product. Take on the beach or snow with the w Super Cruiser Fat tire e-bike from Nakto. Enjoy your ride with the comfortable saddle, front shock suspension and fat tires. Please refer to our assembly videos for further instructions. Returns are easysimply contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorization number and send your item to our location found in Return Merchandise Authorization email.

Returns are easysimply contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorization number and send your item to the location found in Return Merchandise Authorization email. Micargi Lowrider F4 20" Cruiser Bicycle.

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nakto 500w fat tire super cruise 26 ebike fuses full

Added to cart!To run the forums, host the website, and travel, I charge a universal service fee for my reviews. This review was sponsored by Nakto.

My goal is to be transparent and unbiased, this video and written review are not meant to be an endorsement of Nakto products. So what happens when they show off a little and put some fancier stuff on a bike?

The Super Cruiser is a fat-tire hub drive with a throttle and some name brand components. No swept bak handle bars or wide saddle and approachable frame. Rather, it is a high step frame with a slightly forward leaning geometry for an aggressive ride. It is still comfortable however, for example, the gel saddle does a decent job and the fat tires add some vibration dampening. These add some comfort and are mounted on the weight saving punched out rims.

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In the front, there is a suspension fork, with about 90mm of travel that adds to the comfort as well. I love these wide plastic fat-tire specific fenders that help keep you dry as well. Just a lot of little details here and there that come together. There is a battery integrated headlight that turns on and off with the push of a button on the handlebar controls which is neat, and I love that you also get locking ergonomic grips on the handlebar too.

Driving the bike is a hub-drive motor from a company called Aoma. This is a watt motor that is driven either by the throttle or cadence based pedal assist.

nakto 500w fat tire super cruise 26 ebike fuses full

Aoma is new to me, so I have yet to see any long term testing being done on these motors, but it felt like it was working just fine for my test ride. The pedal assist varies in levels and felt responsive. Mechanically, the bike has a 6 speed Shimano Tourney TZ system with tooth cassette in the rear and a 52 tooth chain ring in the front.

Not the largest range for pedaling, but I would imagine you would throttle this bike a lot like I did. For stopping power, you get mm Shimano mechanical disc brakes. Mechanical disc brakes are easy to maintain as well as adjust, however, they lack the immediate stopping power that hydraulic brakes offer. Mechanical brakes are still quite capable, but they take a little bit more hand actuation compared to hydraulic brakes. Powering the bike is a 48v 12ah battery pack located behind the seat post.

I love that it has a handle and keeps the weight centered by mounting behind the seat post. It is secured via lock and key, but I do think you have to keep that key in while the bike is electrically operated, something that could be annoying if it jingles around a lot. Charging is done with this 2 amp charger which is lightweight, but may take a while to fill that higher capacity rating. To really care for this and other lithium-ion packs, I have heard that storing in a cool dry location vs.

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The cockpit controls are great, right in the middle of the handlebars is the large and easy to read display. The display does have an adjustable angle, but is not removable which can sometimes leave you feeling insecure when parking it or leaving it to the elements. The display is grayscale and features a backlight for night-time riding.

To start the bike, press power on the battery, hold the M button to turn on display. The large display offers a wealth of information starting at the battery levels. You can scroll through several modes of pedal assist and can use the throttle on any as long as you get that pedal rotation in.

nakto 500w fat tire super cruise 26 ebike fuses full

Other display options include odometer, trip A, trip B, battery voltage, and a timer. Also, if you hold down the down arrow, you can engage a walk mode.

There is a deep dive menu if you want to play with other various settings. Hold up and down arrows for a couple of seconds to initiate this menu of settings. Once inside, you will have access to backlight settings, unit readout, wheel size configuration, and top speed.August 26, Electric bikes are fast becoming the new favorite way to traverse across town. What started as a craze in Europe, has rapidly been on the upsurge and with a unique marketplace that contains a variety of niches.

One of these subcategories are fat tire ebikes. Picture Credit: gearjunkie. Let's start off with our top e-bikes in each category; these four bikes are the ones we would recommend to our friends and family.

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If you are a pro biker and you are madly passionate about electric mountain fat-tire bikes, well you are in for a treat now. This model is designed with hunters in mind considering they tend to spend a lot of time in woods and wild terrains. Hunting for the pray, so staying as quiet as possible, is much needed.


Click For Price. The MOTAN was designed for men and women that want not just an eye-grabbing fat tire electric bikes but something which packs all of the best part parts to provide a superb ride on almost any terrain.

Retro looking urban cruiser perfect for long rides in the city as well on the mountain. If you are a professional hunter, make sure this fat tire e-bike becomes your reliable companion. Get ready to be blown away by the performance of this fantastic fat tire electric bike.

It will offer you stability and comfort during your off-road adventures. RadRover 5 is powered with a W motor that allows you to reach a top speed of 20 mph. Since the torque produced by the motor is 80Nm, you will easily conquer small hills.

Also, this will provide a strong start and smooth acceleration. Since this model is a beast packed with W motor, it must be powered by a relatively strong battery, and luckily it is. RadRover uses 48V 14 Ah lithium NMC Samsung batteries that will allow you to ride your bike for 45 miles before it runs entirely out of power.

The battery will need approximately 6 hours to recharge fully. As already mentioned, this e-bike is exceptionally stable to ride thanks to its rigid construction. The frame is made from aluminum that is sturdy enough for challenging off-road conditions yet still somewhat lightweight. The double-wall 26 x 4 aluminum-alloy rims provide enough support to the frame, which as well adds to the stability.

The Tektro Aries mechanical discs brakes are more entry-level, but they still do a great job of stopping the bike. The handlebar features wide design and solid construction with durable and ergonomic leather imitation grips. The backlit LCD is user-friendly, and you can track speed, battery life, pedal assist level, odometer, wattmeter, etc.

If we compare the price tag with performance and features this bike is provided with, there is no doubt that this model should be ranked as the best value for the money.

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